Thank you

We have so many people to thank for supporting this adventure. East Grand Rapids schools foundation for supporting this out of the box idea and valuing our desire to be global citizens.Power of education school staff for welcoming us into their school, classrooms and hearts!The power of education foundation and jen Masternak... for just about everything!Caroline Cannon for her encouragement and support.The staff at Breton downs for letting us video tape their classrooms and sharing their ideas.Mike Tietz for video taping and helping with the power points!Merci, thank you, merci, thank you!! 

Translators & last day of teacher trainings 

We were so lucky to have 2 translators to help us communicate with teachers and students. Mario was Sra. Vicente’s translator and he was born and raised in Port Au Prince and studied English here. Delva was Mrs. Boersma’s translator, he also was born in Haiti but lived in the USA for 20 years before returning to Port Au Prince. 
Yesterday we taught some map skills for students K-6 and gave certificates to the teachers for all their hard work over the last few days. The teachers here are excellent and always ready to learn new ideas to use in the classroom. Bravo, POE teachers! 


We have a few different shots from recess today.  I,Mrs. Boersma, got to play soccer with some of the older boys.  The ball control and skills were impressive.  It didn’t take long to realize I was out of my league, not just because of my flip flops either.

Back inside the school, kids showed me a few of their songs they dance too.  One seemed a lot like the hokey pokey bit with someone in the middle doing their own dance.  I have videos we will share too!
Other students look at books, draw or just walk around.  Seems a lot like our recesses at Breton.


We showed you the water jugs in a few posts.  Today we learned where the water comes from.  Below is a picture of one of the helpers filling up buckets to use for making lunch.
Students can buy water pouches during the day.  They are filled with water.
During recess the ice cream man stopped buy.  Again, students can buy these frozen treats.
Below is a picture of a student purchasing a snack and quickly paying for it.  In Haiti they use goudes instead of a dollar.  62 goudes equals $1.00. 


From Reece: The house looks beautiful! What was it like to teach in Haiti? How is the weather? Have you seen any cool animals? We miss you in Room 13! It has been an amazing experience.  It has been in the 90’s everyday.  A bit different from home huh?  There are animals all over, we walked down the mountain today with a herd of goats!  There was a turkey, chickens and pigs along our walk too.  I didn’t take pictures because I didn’t think it was very polite to the people who own them.  We also had a lizard on the wall at our guest house and possibly the biggest cockroach I’ve ever seen.  I may have yelled and scared it away because we haven’t seen it again.  Thanks for the note!See you all Friday!

5th grade 

I got to spend the morning in 5th grade as they practiced geometry. Students had to identify line segments, points, and types of lines. Students worked independently and then reviewed the questions after. 

A few things

Students bring money to school and can buy items.  This is an example of one of the booths they can buy from.  A  parent of one of the students is in charge of it.  This is her job and she keeps the money.Students also buy these frozen flavored ice.   They can buy bags like this filled with water too.
Below are a couple water stations.  The one with the pick cup is outside near the student restrooms.  The indoor one is in the K classroom.
Each day 4 women prepare lunch.  They start very early, between 6:30-7:00.  The students eat around 12:00-12:30.  Below is a photo of the beans soaking.  Personally speaking,  the rice and beans are amazing!
The next picture is the extra water getting strained.
She is washing this dishes.  This lady does everything at the school.
We were so excited to see these trees as it reminded us of Breton.  Our 4th grade teacher, Rachel Ries, has a tree like this in her classroom.  The principal,Jordan, noticed it when he visited in the spring.  He showed his teachi…